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Honey Escorts Coventry
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It is a unique opportunity to enjoy a high-class service and the most exclusive escorts in Coventry. We offer very well organised arrangements, so you do not have to do anything anymore. You just have to wait, and one of these angels will come to your door as soon as possible.
Honey Escorts Coventry shows you various offers on this page. The price per hour is lower if the booking time is higher. The minimum booking time is one hour, recommended for those who do not have enough free time.

Extra Hour
If you have booked an hour, but the lady is adorable, and you want to spend an extra hour with her, you will get a £ 10 discount, if another customer does not book the escort in the next hour.

90 minutes
If you want the guarantee that you will enjoy 90 minutes of fun, without worrying that the girl is not available the next hour (or if two hours too much for you), then this is a good choice.
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