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Kimberly, Latina
  • Kimberly, Latina
  • Un buen sexo para mi viene acompañado de una buena química y comunicación con un toque de sensualidad y mucho placer para que ambos disfruten al máximo la intimidad.Brunette20 LatinaShort under 1.60(5.25f)MedellínAll natural, Fetish, Gfe, International, Model, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 110 USD
Margarita, Latina
  • Margarita, Latina
  • En el Sexo lo primordial es una excelente higiene personal, pues esto ayuda a que todo fluya con mayor naturalidad y sea más cómodo. Luego, la empatía con el otro, que se genere una buena conversación, un masaje para relajar con un lindo y cuidadoso coqueteo para llegar al fin al acto sexual.Black25 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)BogotáAll natural, Fetish, Gfe, International, Model, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 120 USD
Maria Fernanda, Latina
  • Maria Fernanda, Latina
  • Appointment of one hour 15 minutes and two hour 15 minutes

    Am a very affectionate woman, smiling, I like that they tell me stories and make me laugh. With me you will spend a very rich time. I'm just like me in the photos, I'm 23 years old and I'm 1,62. 100% natural. All the men tell me that I am a beautiful doll and they are very happy. Hehehe
    Black19 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotáAll natural, Bbw, Busty, Cheap, Fetish, Gfe, Model, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
Carolina Acevedo , Latina
  • Carolina Acevedo , Latina
  • Service for one hour 15 minutes and two hours 15 minutes 22 years. 1.73 in height, model, beauty queen. The company lady you were looking for. Elegant, discreet, sophisticated. Extra cost: (natural oral, final in mouth, golden shower, threesomes, couples, women, farewells, strenuous) Call and ask for me and let's see in your hotel or apartment. XoXo
    Brunette23 Latina1.71m (5.61f) -1.75m (5.74f)BogotáBbw, Busty, Cheap, Fetish, Gfe, International, Model, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 110 USD
Cristal , Latina
  • Cristal , Latina
  • Verified profile 100% real photos. Appointment of one hour 15 minutes and two hours 15 minutes.Hi, I'm Cristal, I love my job, I enjoy being the hottest, and sexy woman you can meet, I'm 23 years old, I'm 1,65, thick lips and a great body as the time in the photos. I love sex, but what I'm looking for is fun and to please you. You want to live an experience of luxury and pleasure.Blond23 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotáEnglish, Spanish
  • 140 USD
Sofy Purple, Latina
  • Sofy Purple, Latina
  • Who I am:"I am a very interesting girl,I consider very funny and passionate in everything I do, I'm crazy for cats- (they are galactic, loyal and tender) I like challenges because that is how I know myself more and I do not fear anything at all about adventure or new - I like to live well, to get even better. "Light Brown26 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotaGfe, International, Model, All naturalEnglish, Spanish, Japanese
  • 175 USD
Gabriela Azul, Latina
  • Gabriela Azul, Latina
  • Who I am.
    I am a funny woman, with a lot of energy, tender but with a VERY sexy side, I am naughty and very hot, once you know me you change, I like to talk about sex, my imagination has no limits. I am seductive and sooo complacent.
    Light Brown33 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotaBbw, Fetish, Gfe, International, Model, All natural, Submissive, BustyEnglish, Spanish
  • 105 USD
Valentina Black, Latina
  • Valentina Black, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, Who are you?
    I am an extroverted girl, that you are going to find super super happy very intellectual and that she likes the strong emotions, that had me vibrate and go crazy! I am someone who appreciates given moment of life to make the most of it.
    Light Brown28 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotaBbw, Fetish, Gfe, Model, BustyEnglish, Spanish
  • 180 USD
Ariadna Lila, Latina
  • Ariadna Lila, Latina
  • Who I am?.
    I consider myself a beautiful girl with an open mind, I love being a coquette suoer and I am a little perfectionist, I LOVE to exercise and watch movies, I do not smoke, I just like to drink champagne or wine I do not drink anything else, I am very familiar and I do not like Going out a lot of partying, actually I am very very homemade.
    Light Brown22 Latina1.71m (5.61f) -1.75m (5.74f)BogotaBbw, Gfe, International, Model, All naturalSpanish
  • 180 USD
Sofia, Latina
  • Sofia, Latina
  • Verified profile 100% real photos. Appointment of one hour 15 minutes and two hours 15 minutes. His spectacular body speaks for itself. Professional model, The woman you deserve and want. When you put me in doggy style and you're nailing me, you'll realize that money can buy everything. You want to know how powerful you can be?, hire me and have the body of a real woman by your side. Blond25 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotaBusty, Cheap, Fetish, Gfe, International, Model, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 180 USD
Gen, Latina
  • Gen, Latina
  • Para mí concepto el buen sexo estar en hacer sentir que la persona con la que estoy se sienta relajada q logré sentirse muy bien conmigoBlack21 LatinaMedium short 1.60m(5.25f)-1.65m(5.41f)BogotáFetish, Gfe, International, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 120 USD
Lina, Latina
  • Lina, Latina
  • El buen sexo es aquel donde hay química, placer y se encuentra la pasión de dos personas, en el que se disfruta del otro y de uno mismo, donde se conoce íntimamente, se despoja de los miedos e inseguridades para entregarse al encuentro más íntimo y placentero, para mí el sexo es una delicia cuando se comparte, se hace con ganas y en sintonía con el otro.Brunette21 LatinaShort under 1.60(5.25f)CaliAll natural, Fetish, Gfe, International, SubmissiveEnglish, Spanish
  • 110 USD
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