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  • Nika is a truly high class professional erotic massage woman in Amsterdam. She exudes elegance and class and is the essence of sensuality. Nika specializes in Tantric massages in Amsterdam where you will often find cheap knock offs. She has studied tantra for many years and learned the secret art of manipulating your sexual energies for the ultimate release.
  • Nika
  • Completely natural Diana is a stunning Amsterdam erotic massage therapist. Her petite physique is complimented by her full soft breasts which she uses to her advantage. We recommend Diana if you want to experience a full erotic massage in Amsterdam.
  • Diana
  • Tina is a flirty Amsterdam erotic massage girl. Her feminine wiles and flirtatious nature make her a fun, sexy erotic masseuse. Tina is full of confidence in her sensual massage skills, and a massage with her will reenergize your body and mind.
  • Tina
  • Verona is the fantasy of every man looking for an erotic massage in Amsterdam. She is a hot and talented sensual massage girl. Her body is curvaceous, and her smile lights up a room, but it is her sensual nature that will capture your attention.
  • Verona
  • Lisa is a short and petit Amsterdam erotic massage girl. Although she is small, she is a powerful and sexy woman, proof that dynamite comes in small packages. Lisa’s compact frame hides her strength, which you will experience when she is rubbing the strain from your body.
  • Lisa
  • You do not want to miss an erotic massage encounter with Debbie. This Amsterdam masseuse is hot, hot, hot, and incredibly talented with her hands. She desires to exceed your expectations, and we guarantee you that she will. Debbie uses every blessing she has been given for your pleasure.
  • Debbie
  • When you need the touch of a hot-blooded woman, an erotic massage in Amsterdam with Holly is what you are after. Holly can only be described as hot. Her body is perfectly toned with curves in all the right places; she has a full feminine bosom and milky white unblemished skin.
  • Holly
  • Sexy, sweet, and charming Sandra has a personality and smile that will capture you from the moment you meet her in Amsterdam. Sandra is an exceptional erotic massage girl and very sought after in Amsterdam. Her calendar is almost always full of repeat bookings because she is so good at what she does.
  • Sandra
  • Margrett is an exciting erotic masseuse who has an air of mystery about her. Margrett is one of our most popular masseuses in Amsterdam and specializes in intimate Nuru massage. Her unique looks and mysterious air add to the sensual experience.
  • Margrett
  • Maria is an elegant and polished Amsterdam erotic masseuse. She holds herself to the highest standards and prides herself on providing one of the best erotic massage services in Amsterdam. Maria is exceptionally talented at sensual massage, which is intuitive and created to meet your unique needs.

    She has a unique ability to anticipate the needs of her clients and mold the massage to meet them.
  • Maria
  • If you want an erotic masseuse who is fun and carefree, then look no further than Daniella. Daniella is a free spirit who is always up for an adventure. She loves to try and experience new things, which means she is ever expanding her erotic massage repertoire. She continually adds new techniques to her portfolio.
  • Daniella
  • Kerri looks like she has just stepped out of a magazine. She is one of our most attractive Amsterdam erotic massage girls and looks like a swimsuit model. Gorgeous in lingerie and naked an erotic massage in Amsterdam with Kerri is a life-changing experience. She is irresistible, and you will want to experience an erotic massage and release with her over and over again.
  • Kerri
  • Bella is a sophisticated and elegant woman who always maintains extremely high standards. Bella prides here self on providing one of the best massage services around. Bella's speciality is to provide a sensual and gentle erotic massage were you as a client feel completely at her mercy ... careful you won't want to leave Amsterdam.
  • Bella
  • Becky’s youthful physic and innocent looks provides our customers with a unique fantasy. Becky’s tiny hands and petite body is perfect for many of the more physical body to body massages.
  • Becky
  • There are no words that can describe Claudia's gorgeous body ... so let just leave it at that ... stunningly amazing.
  • Claudia
  • Darla is new to the industry but you would definitely not say it. Her professionalism and dedication to her clients is unparalleled. Darla is a true people pleaser always seeking new a creative ways to satisfy her clients and giving them a unique and memorable experience. Darla's erotic massages are something not to be missed.
  • Darla
  • If you're looking for a masseuse that will release all your stress and completely fulfil your erotic desire then you have come to the right place. Penny simply oozes sex appeal, her erotic massages almost always lead to something more. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with Penny.
  • Penny
  • Denise is one of those quite girls in public who comes alive behind closed doors. Denise has a truly gorgeous body making her perfect for body to body massages. If you are looking for a masseuse who will give you the FULL experience then look no further.
  • Denise
  • Fiona is a sexy, fun loving, saucy masseuse who is sure to satisfy your every wish. Fiona has an uncanny ability to discovery what her client's need the most, making her extremely popular with our regulars. When it comes to erotic massages Fiona is a first rate professional, it really doesn't get better than this.
  • Fiona
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