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Marie, Caucasico
  • Marie, Caucasico
  • Beautiful escort lady with short platinum blonde hair and a gorgeous figure!Dear gentleman, here comes Marie- 32 years young and 175 cm tall.Marie is from Switzerland and speaks fluent and good English. She once modeled for the fashion industry.Rubia32 Caucasico1.71m (5.61f) -1.75m (5.74f)BerlinTetona, ModeloInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Diana, Caucasico
  • Diana, Caucasico
  • cheerful - cultivated and very versatile escort lady. Are you a gentleman of the highest standards? Would you like to invite an attractive & very versatile luxury escort lady to an exclusive and hot rendezvous? Then Diana is the right choice for you!Morena31 Caucasico1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)BerlinFetiche, Gfe, Internacional, Modelo, SumisoInglés, Alemão, Italiano
  • 200 Euro
Mia, Caucasico
  • Mia, Caucasico
  • smart, passionate & beautiful escort girl Mia - extremely elegant and charming and still totally inexperienced as an escort lady. Rubia26 CaucasicoAlta 1.76m(5.77f) -1.80m(5.91f)BerlinNatural, GfeInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Yasmin, Arabe
  • Yasmin, Arabe
  • beautiful & versatile high class escort ladyMorena28 ArabeCorto, bajo 1.60(5.25f)BerlinNatural, Tetona, Barato, Fetiche, Modelo, SumisoInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Stephanie, Caucasico
  • Stephanie, Caucasico
  • beautiful, blonde high class escort ladyRubia26 CaucasicoMedio corto 1.60m (5.25f) -1.65m (5.41f)BerlinNatural, Barato, Modelo, SumisoInglés, Alemão, Ruso, Ucranio
  • 200 Euro
Lara, Caucasico
  • Lara, Caucasico
  • youthful, playful and erotic fantasies very open-minded.Morena23 Caucasico1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)BerlinNatural, Barato, Fetiche, Gfe, SumisoInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Janett, Caucasico
  • Janett, Caucasico
  • versatile & tattooed escortvamp German, very petite, passionate and especially dirty is the heavily tattooed Berlin escort girl Janett with the blonde long hair and pretty brown eyes. She really knows all the positions that can make you really hot at the hot sex clubRubia30 CaucasicoMedio corto 1.60m (5.25f) -1.65m (5.41f)BerlinNatural, SumisoInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Natascha, Caucasico
  • Natascha, Caucasico
  • beautiful young lady with style and class! This attractive escort lady gives you the feeling of security and much more beyond. Rubia28 Caucasico1.71m (5.61f) -1.75m (5.74f)BerlinNatural, Modelo, SumisoInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Isabella, Caucasico
  • Isabella, Caucasico
  • attractive and above all hot-blooded woman!Escort Lady Isabella is an absolute insider tip! This newcomer embodies joie de vivre, intellect, and anticipation of pleasure! An attractive dream woman as she is in the book - charming, adorable, loving, natural, and with a perfect body and velvety skinNegro29 Caucasico1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)BerlinNatural, Fetiche, ModeloInglés, Alemão, Italiano
  • 300 Euro
Camila, Caucasico
  • Camila, Caucasico
  • Sporty, attractive escort lady with beautiful natural top offers versatile service!Antonia embodies beauty, sensuality and style. This young escort lady is bursting with lust for life and knows exactly what she wants. With her sympathetic nature and her unique charm, she enchants the world of men around her - while preserving her natural radiance. A real dream woman! Morena28 CaucasicoAlta 1.76m(5.77f) -1.80m(5.91f)BerlinNatural, Internacional, ModeloInglés, Alemão
  • 200 Euro
Felicia, Caucasico
  • Felicia, Caucasico
  • extravagant, versatile & eroticPelirrojo30 CaucasicoMedio corto 1.60m (5.25f) -1.65m (5.41f)BerlinFetiche, Internacional, ModeloInglés, Alemão, Ruso
  • 200 Euro
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