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  • Sumire is a femdom escort at the highest class who will make you get a boner the moment you meet her!
    The embodiment of the ideal woman who combines elegance and eroticism in her visuals and atmosphere.
    Her sexual passion is also instinctual, and she will lust after you until your sperm is empty!
    Sumire's eroticism! Can you endure it?
  • Sumire, Asiatico
  • Hi, I'm Yurako♡I love to do dick teasing.Want to be my slave?Call me!I have some cosplays like the pictures I posted.If you want me to dress up in it, please let me know in advance. 21
  • Yurako, Asiatico
  • Hi, I'm Serika!
    I love to cuddle and snuggle like your girlfriend.
    So, I enjoy myself doing body to body nuru massage.
    Often told my body is so hot.
    If you want to be relaxed by my body, come and see me!
    And, I will take you to the depth of Nuru Massage and fill you with pleasure.
  • Serika, Asiatico
  • Nao is a massage escort who belongs to us to heal you as an active undergraduate.
    She has the elegance like a princess, a charming smile and a tender manner that draws any gentlemen in.
    Her smiling face and the way she looks others in the eye when she speaks to them is a reflection of her inner qualities.
    She will make you cum with a handjob while looking up at you with her bright porcelain skin and an intimate body to body massage from beginning to end!
  • Nao, Asiatico
  • Hi there,
    I'm Erika(o^^o)
    I love giving gentlemen a sensual massage to see their relaxed expression.
    A lovey-dovey intimate massage is my speciality, so let me cuddle you a lot♡
    Let me know what massage you would like if you have any idea.
    I'm into watching movies, reading books, and hot springs, and bedrock bath recently.
    I love to talk, so I want to ease your tension and get to know you quickly.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
  • Erika, Asiatico
  • Nice to meet you. My personality is gentle, positive, and a little clumsy.
    I might like someone who can communicate well, has beautiful skin, and has good taste.
    More than a hot girl what you can get with me it’s a total experience.
    I enjoy a lot what I do and I love make you happy. I’m someone with who you can really connect
    and forget of everything for a while. Take the opportunity to meet me!
  • Izumi, Asiatico
  • Lymphatic massage is my specialty!
    What part of your body is tired?
    Let me know!
    If you show a good reaction in a pleasure to my massage, I will get horny♡
    I will do my best to make you feel good and to make your time unforgettable.
  • Sora, Asiatico
  • Himari is a superior busty escort who provides a genuine massage experience compared to the large number of Chiba escorts.
    Her breasts and butts are big and thick, and yet her waist is nicely defined with a voluptuous feeling.
    Indeed, her body figure is like an hourglass, which is sure to arouse you.
    Her breasts and buttocks are so plump that they defy gravity.
    The nuru massage you receive while touching and admiring them to the fullest can be summed up in one word: the best.
  • Himari, Asiatico
  • A 19 year old active university student with a strong sexual desire and an attractive body, Kohaku is a beautiful young girl therapist.
    Not only neat and clean, but also she has a very good looks and body shape!
    She is very charming and friendly, so we recommend her to those who want to be soothed both mentally and physically with a long time course.
    Nice and tight curves and large but well-shaped G-cups.
  • Kohaku, Asiatico
  • Miki is a beautiful busty escort who has H-cup big tits that attracts all men and feminine innocence.
    Her glamorous body is beautiful, fluffy and soft, and has a healing effect.
    Of course, her H-cup breasts have a magical charm that makes you want to touch them forever.
    She has an endless curiosity for sensual massages, and her services will keep you feeling good with her various techniques, which will bring you to the ultimate relaxation for both mind and body!
  • Miki, Asiatico
  • Rei is a real Japanese kawaii anime girl with black pigtails looking so good on her.
    She just wants to see a man feel good and his expression during teasing his nipples.
    Her cute and hard working attitude will make you go beyond the limit of your excitement.
    Want to be teased by a quiet-looking Japanese young girl, you have no choice but to play with Rei.
    What kind of expression does she have as she licks and plays with your nipples?
  • Lei, Asiatico
  • Koyomi belongs to "Soft Femdom".
    Soft Femdom course is the best base to start your kinky journey, where you can express your innermost desires.

    Prostate massage, Male squirting, Facesitting, Tie & Tease, Nipple torture, Golden shower, Footjob, Handjob, Strapon, Spanking, Candle play, Cosplay...

    She can visit: Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Gotanda, Akibhabara, Haneda Airport, Ueno, Roppongi, Azabu, etc...
    Feel free to ask us about delivery-area.
  • Koyomi, Asiatico
  • Hi, I'm Yuna☆Thank you for visiting my ad(*´-`*)Your first impression of me may be "Petite"(。・ω・。)When we meet, please let me snuggle up in your arms♡
    My soft and plump tits are my attractive feature, and I am often praised by gentlemen as having "beautiful tits(//∇//)

    I'm sesitive and turn on easily while giving a massage(´ω`)

    I want to spend time like your girlfriend, so let's hug, pamper, and spend sweet time together that makes your body hot(*´꒳`*)
  • Yuina, Asiatico
  • Kaho is an incredibly charming Tokyo escort who has a magnetic aura that boys just can't resist! Her natural charm will captivate you instantly.
    With her feminine and slender figure, complemented by perfectly shaped D cup breasts, she is a true sight to behold.
    When it comes to teasing, Kaho's girlish reactions ignite your desires even further.
    From the expressions to her choice of words, she knows exactly how to bring out their inner desires.
    Kaho is one of the best dominatrixs around!
  • Kaho, Asiatico
  • Thank you for finding my profile♡
    I'm Riria!
    I love to talk, so I'd love to chat and get to know you!
    I'm into anime, manga, and video games, so please let me know your recommendations! Of course, I'd love to know a lot more about you!
    Let make you feel good by doing something erotic♡
    I love to tease your nipples...to see you writhing♡
  • Riria, Asiatico
  • Rin is a popular and in-demand escort known for her exotic beauty, sensual options, and captivating charm. With her Geisha roots, stunning looks, and irresistible appeal, she offers an extraordinary girlfriend experience. Don't miss out on the chance to spend time with Rin, as her schedule fills up fast. 35
  • Rin, Asiatico
  • Very ambitious and enthusiastic about your pleasure!
    Ideal slender body!
    Loves to have fun and to spend a sweet time together!

    A fresh and full-blown maiden will engage in teasing your nipples so hard!
    Mari has the kind of body shape that even people of the same sex would admire.
    She is a cheerful girl who can talk openly with anyone.
    A session with her will naturally make you smile.
  • Mari, Asiatico
  • {|en|}Hi, I'm Fuuka♪

    I am as energetic, bright, and charming as anyone✊
  • Fuuka, Asiatico
  • I'm Rino. Japan's Hottest Escort Guide, Minami Kanto area.We have three kinds of services. 31
  • Rino, Asiatico
  • Nobara belongs to "Soft Femdom" in Tokyo.Soft Femdom course is the best base to start your kinky journey, where you can express your innermost desires.Prostate massage, Male squirting, Facesitting, Tie & Tease, Nipple torture, Golden shower, Footjob, Handjob, Strapon, Spanking, Candle play, Cosplay...She can visit: Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Gotanda, Akibhabara, Haneda Airport, Ueno, Roppongi, Azabu, etc...Feel free to ask us about delivery-area. 30
  • Nobara, Asiatico
  • Mizuki is available at Heavenly Erotic Massage in Tokyo

    Erotic Massage focuses on handjob and massage that improves male function.
    The massage relieves daily fatigue and doubles the normal stiffness of an erection.
    It also has the sensation of doubling the normal amount of ejaculation and orgasm.
    And they will also offer Body to body erotic massage, Testicle massage, Glans massage, Body licking, Detox massage, Kaishun erotic massage.
  • Mizuki, Asiatico
  • Kotori is a petite, Moe-Moe type E-cup girl with outstanding cuteness.

    Anime-like a younger sisterly looks is jut Kawaii.

    22-year-old "Kotori" loves to be pampered, lovey-dovey and mistress, who gives you a sweet and thick lover's feeling.

    Good at three plays.
    Golden shower
    Intimate teasing

    Kotori is also good at fluid-based (golden shower, saliva) play.

    If you like kinky pampered girl, she is the best choice.

    You are sure to be a repeat customer.
  • Kotori, Asiatico
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