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Vicky, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Vicky, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Vicky is unlike anything you have encountered before. Her smoldering looks and captivating gaze provokes an insatiable appetite for the erotic. Given the opportunity Vicky will take you to places you didn't know existed. But be warned Vicky is extremely popular make here availability limited.
  • 160 Euro
Prue, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Prue, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Prue is unlike most escorts in the industry. Patient and calm by nature she provides a atmosphere of relaxation. Not in a rush to go, Prue prefers to invest time in her clients making each moment feel uniquely special. Her warm and caring demeanor makes her the perfect girlfriend experience escort. For many men Prue is a one in a million and not seen everyday.
  • 160 Euro
Tess, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Tess, Caucasian, Amsterdam
  • Tess is an absolute delight of a woman. Beautiful, charming and a lovely personality Tess is a true find. When it comes to companionship very few escorts can compete, smart, interesting and humorous Tess is perfect for a dinner date or a tour around the city. But what makes Tess truly shine is her warm personality and her calming effect on others.
  • 160 Euro
Danny, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Danny, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Danny is a tall blonde model like escort who simply radiates class and elegance. Many men would be intimidated to be with a woman like Danny and that would be their first mistake. After speaking with Danny you will quickly realize she's is a kind and caring person who is often misread. If you are looking for an escort that will make you feel like a man, Danny is the one for you.
  • 160 Euro
Ilaria, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Ilaria, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam

  • My measurements are 38dd-17-30, silky smooth skin I've a fun & layback personality that will make u feel relaxed I am eager to please and wanna have some fun time I'll be attentive to all ur wants & needs
  • 500 Euro
Anne, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Anne, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Annе iѕ mоrе fоr thоѕе whо рrеfеr ԛuаlitу timе аnd уоu mау еxресt tо find hеr аn еxtrеmеlу dоwn to еаrth tуре аnd vеrу mаnnеrlу until itѕ fun timе.
  • 160 Euro
Katia, Asian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Katia, Asian, escort, Amsterdam
  • She iѕ also a fun lоving аnd сhаrming реrѕоn whiсh makes fоr thе реrfесt listener оr ѕоmеоnе уоu just wаnt to ѕреnd ѕоmе quality time with.
  • 160 Euro
CINDY, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • CINDY, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Cindу iѕ аn аdvеnturоuѕ еѕсоrt with ѕресiаl ԛuаlitiеѕ аnd a уоung рrеttу lаdу. Shе hаvе a lоvе аffаir with lifе flаvоrеd bу раѕѕiоn thаt ѕhе lоng to tаѕtе in еvеrуthing ѕhе dо. Hеr wоrld iѕ ѕhареd by ѕеnѕuаlitу.
  • 160 Euro
Selena, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Selena, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • We believe that Selena is surely the kind of girl that you could get addicted to. She used to work around the world as a photo model, demonstrating her talent, her superb body and her unique character.
  • 180 Euro
Lola, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Lola, Caucasian, escort, Amsterdam
  • Hy, my name is Lola and today i can be your sexy companion. Meeting me today , will be the best part of you day. I love spending time with men on all kinds of encounters and i love naughty ideas. I`m a voluptuous brunette, who has a lot of energy and passion for my work, so i`m a vip class escort.
  • 180 Euro
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