Torilynn, Caucasien

Norwalk, CT
Court, sous 1.60(5.25f)
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Brève description
I'm Torilynn but you can call me Tori! I'm in Norwalk, Ct but I'm originally from NC. I have been in CT for 3 years now. I only do incalls from my condo, so why don't you come see me?
I'm Tori & I am in Norwalk, CT! I am from the south & a real small town, country girl. I'm very sweet, kind, funloving, & respectful! I have also been told I am rather blunt & funny but that's for you to determine. I try to remain open-minded, so there is no reason to be shy once we meet! Everyone has their own things they like, so do not worry, I don't judge & I will do my best to make you very happy! All I want is for you to leave satisfied & anticipating our next encounter!! I love meeting new people & spending time with nice guys. I only meet people at my condo. I'm in a good area of Norwalk that's not very busy, it's rather discreet, just the way I like it & I'm sure you will appreciate that as well! Making you as comfortable as possible is one of my main goals so we can focus on our time together! It is always a little awkward when you meet someone the first time & I understand that, but hopefully by the time you leave me you will feel like you have known me a long time like we are old friends (with benefits) LOL! I do host from home so I do prefer to see clients during work hours (9-5) whenever possible while my neighbors are at work, yet if you cannot make it during that time frame, I am starting to work 24/7 again while it is slow! I am very safety conscientious & I hope you can understand & appreciate that! I also expect my clients to be on time & I will do the same for them, I understand how important your time is & I hope you respect my schedule as well. If I am running late, I will do the same for you! Please, no vulgar language when you call or text me or our call will be terminated. And I also ask you NOT to send me dirty pictures either. Plus do not ask me for more pictures, I don't send them because I have plenty on my ads & I have plenty of reviews I can direct you to that verify that I am legit! Call or text me now 2038339633
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