• Ageha (Age 20) / Height 163cm / Bust 82cm (C cup) / Waist 56cm / Hip 88cm / Weight 52kg
  • Ageha, Kobe
  • Nao and Touno are an exciting duo and a great option to indulge in a bizarre threesome. Nao is a sophisticated woman, slender, with soft smooth skin and a shiny black hair.
  • Nao and Touno , Osaka
  • Yuzuka is a first class Yokohama fetish escort who is tall, 174cm, and as beautiful looks as is hard to find in any Japanese escort services.

    She is the embodiment of the word " beauty ", the true goddess of dominatrix.

    Her slender, beautifully proportioned legs are a gift from heaven beyond perfection.

    You can worship and adore her feet, or enjoy them being trampled or kicked, as well as their lascivious and aromatic smell.
  • Yuzuka, Yokohama
  • Miro (Age 19) Height 162cm / Bust 83cm (B cup) / Waist 56cm / Hip 83cm / Weight 49kg
  • Fetish Miro, Osaka
  • Moeka is a first-class Yokohama fetish escort, even more knowledgeable and experienced among Yokohama escorts.Moeka can perform not only basic play but also kinky play that your partner may not agree to, and any kind of fetish with admirable results.She is also very good at prostate massage and can handle a wide range of play, including story play, and will accommodate all of your fantasies.

    We can confidently recommend her to clients who are new to BDSM.
  • Moeka, Yokohama
  • Anju is a queen mistress who stands at the top of the Yokohama fetish escort.A pure Japanese GAL with spectacular 100cm G-cup breasts.Although huge breasts, they are beautifully shaped and her waist is toned by working out and yoga, "Thick" body that embodies a man's dream.
    The skills she performs from her slender and beautiful limbs are as beautiful as a dancing butterfly, and twist and squeeze like a snake.
  • Anju, Yokohama
  • Hi, I'm Haruna!

    This is my first time to work as a mistress, but I have always been curious about it, so I will do my very best! My hard work is second to none!

    I also love to talk, so let's chat a lot! Please tell me about your likes, and what you are into♡

    By the way, I've recently been into bread, and I'm addicted to going out early in the morning to buy French bread by bicycle lol

    I'm learning about anal teasing, so I'd like you to tell me which part is good!
  • Haruna, Tokyo
  • Kirara (Age 22) Height 167cm/ Bust 83cm (B cup)/ Waist 55cm/ Hip 84cm
  • Kirara, Osaka