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Julieta White, Latina
  • Julieta White, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.
     I just finished my studies at the university, I started studying English this year, I am very dedicated in my work, affectionate, very social and I easily have good conversations with people, very respectful and prudent according to the places where I am, fun and willing to live new experiences.
    Preto23 LatinaMedio curto 1.60m(5.25f) -1.65m(5.41f)CaliNatural, ModeloEspanhol
Danna Green, Latina
  • Danna Green, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, Who are you.Strong and dominant character womanTastes and hobbies I like to do extreme sports, especially torrentism, take photographs, excellent leader in field workCastanho claro26 LatinaMedio curto 1.60m(5.25f) -1.65m(5.41f)CaliNatural, Bbw, ModeloEspanhol
Karla White, Latina
  • Karla White, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.A spontaneous, vain, funny, educated woman, with the ability to have intellectual conversations, but also decomplicated and open-minded, neat and discreet.Tastes and hobbiesI like to go to the gym, practice MTB, share with my friends, travel, meet other cultures, enjoy a good dinner, a spa, a good wineCastanho claro34 LatinaMedio curto 1.60m(5.25f) -1.65m(5.41f)CaliPeituda, ModeloEspanhol
Sara White, Latina
  • Sara White, Latina
  • Describe a little, Who are you.Simple sweet spontaneous nice Tastes and hobbies Traveling eating different foodsCastanho claro24 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)CaliNatural, ModeloEspanhol
Melani Red, Latina
  • Melani Red, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.I am an outgoing, affectionate, playful, responsible, attentive, risky, passionate and uncomplicated girl.Tastes and hobbiesI love movies, going for a walk, a good conversation, eating out.Ruivo22 LatinaMedio curto 1.60m(5.25f) -1.65m(5.41f)CaliNatural, ModeloEspanhol
Gabriela Gold, Latina
  • Gabriela Gold, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you?I am a lawyer by profession! I love going to the gym, to the movies and sharing with family and friends. Tastes and hobbiesReading, cinema, eating delicious.Preto30 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)CaliPeituda, ModeloInglês, Espanhol
Sofia Black , Latina
  • Sofia Black , Latina
  • Describe a little, who are you.I am a charismatic kind person Tastes and hobbies I like to go swimming, exercise and sleepLoira19 LatinaCurto, abaixo de 1.60(5.25f)CaliNatural, ModeloEspanhol
Roxy Red, Latina
  • Roxy Red, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.I am affectionate, very calm and relaxed, I am very romantic and positive, I always see the best of people; I am very happy and I always have a smile on my face.Tastes and hobbies I love reading, watching movies and listening to music, I really like to practice pole dance and go to the gym.Morena27 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)CaliFetiche, ModeloInglês, Espanhol
Veronica Green, Latina
  • Veronica Green, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.I am Juli I am a university student with perfect curves that will fascinate you. I want us to live an unrepeatable adventure something where you can enjoy yourself, I enjoy sex to the fullest, my relaxation is extreme I know that together in intimacy we will discover a mutual and pleasant sex I am a young lady involved and very helpful.
    Loira23 Latina1.71m (5.61f) -1.75m (5.74f)CaliNatural, Peituda, ModeloEspanhol
Sara Morado , Latina
  • Sara Morado , Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.I am a very affectionate, sociable and understanding woman, with a joy that I manage to fall very well among the people that I relate to and always full of positivism towards life.
    Tastes and hobbies "I like going to the hairdresser, getting massage sections, doing my one-hour crossfit routines. In my spare time I share with my daughter and my friends
    Preto34 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)CaliNatural, Peituda, ModeloEspanhol
Katze White, Latina
  • Katze White, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you.I have been a pole dance and CrossFit instructor for children a year ago, I study physical preparation, photography model, basketball referee, I love everything related to sport, art, culture and dance.Tastes and hobbies In my free time I like hiking, traveling, getting to know, getting new experiences, going shopping and going to the SPA.Preto21 Latina1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)BogotaNatural, ModeloEspanhol
Antonella Beige, Latina
  • Antonella Beige, Latina
  • Describe yourself a little, who are you."I am an intelligent woman with clear goals ...Creative .. humble .. honest and I like seriousness in what I do " Tastes and hobbies
    "I like music Go out to dinner I am sociable" Describe yourself: Physically what makes you fascinating?My personality Something unique that you like to do in bed? Different things
    Loira33 LatinaMedio curto 1.60m(5.25f) -1.65m(5.41f)BogotaPeituda, ModeloEspanhol
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